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About Us

Eagle-Ridge Simmentals  consists of a mixed farming operation located west of Olds Alberta,  in the community of Eagle Hill. Dan and Loretta Blain started registering Simmental Cattle in the mid 1970’s.

Farming is a passion that is shared by all of the 3 generations of family members involved in Eagle-Ridge Simmentals. The 3 generations have been very active and involved in 4-H. The original Simmental Herd was built up over the years and a goal of Dan and Loretta’s was to acquire a strong maternal group of Fleckvieh influenced cattle. Cattle were culled hard and premium stock was purchased over the years. A strong emphasis was put on good Fleckvieh bulls.   The purchase of Anchor T Impact 2H was the start of a strong foundation on which the current full fleck mama cows were built. Semen was drawn on Impact and he is still used in the Eagle – Ridge Fleck A.I  program.. He is also used by many other breeders.

Above: Dan and Loretta Blain created Eagle ridge over 40 yrs ago, and are still enjoying the cattle bussiness with their children and grandchildren.
Right: family picture of the Mcleans. 2nd and 3rd generation operators of Eagle Ridge Simmentals. Denny, Dallas, Brandt, Bryce, Dawson, Dylan and Brooklyn.
For 25 years many Eagle-Ridge genetics were offered for sale at the” Lucky Simmental  Bull Sale”, both to breeders and commercial cattlemen. In 2010 the main Fleck herd was purchased by “Beechinor Bros” Simmentals as Dan and Loretta were feeling like the time to retire was upon them. During this transition time, the Purebred Red program that the 2nd generation “Dallas and Denny Mclean” were building, was retained and growing into a strong new branch of the Eagle-Ridge herd. In the fall of 2010, Dan could not part with the Fleck replacement heifers, so a new smaller herd of young full Fleckvieh was created.
The current herd of full Fleck cows is mainly CHAMPS ROMEO daughters out of IMPACT cows. With a strong interest in polled genetics, Double Bar D HEMI was purchased, and some nice polled Fleck cows were created.

The Red genetics of Eagle-Ridge was started in the mid to late 1990’s and the first red bulls used were Twin Chief JAGAR, CMS NINJA and TYMARC RED ROOSTER. Quality stock was purchased over the years from many breeders, and strong friendships have been formed by being part of the purebred business. Some of the breeders that have contributed to the success of Eagle-Ridge Simmentals are Twin-Chief, Goods Royal, Virginia Ranch, Beechinor Bros, Saugeen Acres, Vernons, Oh Kay Farms, Chech-Mate, Wells Crossing, Kathols, TYMARC,  Russ Sevcik, Rolling JN farms, CHAMPS, Schmid’s,  Anchor D,  Double Bar D, Bar None, Anchor T, KEATO MEADOWS and PARVIEW STOCK FARMS- just to name a few. Currently there are 2 walking herd sires used in the Fleckvieh program, and some occasional south African genetics are still used via A.I.

The herd changing bull “ TYMARC WILSON 20W” on the red side of Eagle-Ridge was purchased from the Anderson Family and has produced mostly female offspring that are very consistent in calving ease, color, growth, frame and temperament. 2013 marks the last year WILSON was used due to so many related offspring, making a new and exciting red herd!

The introduction of Black genetics with the involvement of the McLean children was made in 2013. Black females were purchased from Twin-Chief and Parview Stock Farms in the fall of 2012.  Three ENTICER heifers and one MR.JUSTICE bull calf mark the dawning of the 3rd generation involvement in Eagle-Ridge Simmentals.

A.I has been a way to introduce new genetics, and Bryce is very keen to learn and I have no doubts that he will soon take over the whole A.I operation. Some A.I sires that have been used at Eagle – Ridge  include JAHARI, BRAVO,IMPACT, ENTICER, BOMBSHELL, MR.JUSTICE, RED FORCE, HUSTLER, OTIS, GEMINI, BROKER.
Located near Olds AB; Eagle Ridge Simmentals are members of the Canadian and Alberta Simmental Association. Genetics offered for sale off farm or through marketing companies, like Transcon,Bohrson,Bouchard livestock.